Mission Statement

C.L.E.A.N.E.R’s goals are simple: create the initiative to launch a green movement around the United States.

Starting at a Federal level, the United States must achieve drastic change in order to comply with the IPCC report’s demographics, the UN’s 12 year deadline to climate catastrophe, and the Paris Agreement. With a major deficit, lack of funding for green energy, and oil deep in the nation’s roots, it may seem like there’s hardly a place to start.

The White House itself, while it may be currently in turmoil over what to do with climate change, has released a report in favor of these agreements and documents. As a result, the minds behind C.R.E.A.T.O.R., inspired by progressive congress members, the top minds of the country, and the leadership of other nations in the massive green movement sweeping the world, have decided on a major move.

Taxes, while they may be scary sounding to the average person, are a roadway to achieving great things. Contrary to what may occur on a frequent basis, however, the working class doesn’t have to suffer for that to occur.

The Goal:

  1. Establish a Carbon Tax upon the nation, varying in amount per group it is targeting. In order to counteract the lack of tax on the $40 per tonne of carbon created, the following changes would be necessary:
  2. Consumers, or the average person, would only need to pay $13 per tonne of carbon (7 times a year). This would only total up to be nearly $100 total per person who uses gasoline based vehicular transport.
  3. Distributors, particularly those performing imports and exports, would have to pay $40 per tonne of carbon, or $40 for every 333 gallons of gasoline.
  4. Producers would pay $50 per tonne of carbon, whether it be from oil, gasoline, or otherwise.
  5. Every two years, this would have to increase by 5% until the nation cuts carbon emissions in half (estimated 2025-2050), where it will then increase by 10% each year.

The Results:

  • An enriched economy is formed, allowing a vast amount of money to go toward pursuing the betterment of the nation and the world.
  • More national parks and wildlife preserves would be created.
  • A safer, healthier future would be secured not just for Americans, but for humanity and nature.
  • Thousands of species will continue to live, aiding the end of the 6th mass extinction on Earth’s history.
  • Green technology will become cheaper, allowing a focus on reusable, renewable, and sustainable lifestyles.
  • Millions of lives will be saved with the step to keep global warming at, or below, 2 degrees Celsius.
  • Mass migration toward the United States would be stopped in the future, as it would become one of the only habitable places.
  • Food and water supplies will not reach critical levels.
  • A majority of the Earth will still be inhabitable.

In Conclusion

Climate change cannot be stopped- in fact, humanity has set in stone a minimum heating of 2 degrees, unless drastic action is taken. In order for humanity and civilization to remain stable, functioning, and the wellbeing of all protected, a movement must start at home. In order to secure the future in uncertain times, and in order to prevent the extinction of life as we know it, the United States must become a leader and pursue environmentally friendly policies, and create a path for others to follow in.